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Steven Kolb on Citi Biking Through Fashion Week

Stephen Kolb.
Stephen Kolb. Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images

While last night’s traffic in lower Manhattan left some Cut editors with road rage and awkward cabbie interactions Steven Kolb strolled coolly up to the Altuzarra show on Washington Street, a matte grey helmet tucked under his arm. The CFDA CEO had been traversing New York Fashion Week via Citi Bike all day. “I rode from 45th and Ninth to 14th and Tenth. I stopped home after Alexander Wang to eat and walk my dog. Then I came down to Milk to see Jonathan [Simkhai]’s show and then this,” he said.

When Altuzarra’s show was over, Kolb planned to pick up another bike to ride back home. “I’m probably a little bit sweatier throughout the day,” he said, pulling out a navy cotton bandanna to blot at his forehead, which for the record, showed no evidence of perspiration. “Sometimes I won’t tie my tie right away and I’ll keep my shirt unbuttoned a little bit. [The bike] has a basket thing in the front, so I fold my jacket nice there, so it doesn’t get wrinkled.”

Kolb commutes to the CFDA’s Soho offices from his home in midtown every day, favoring the West Side Highway for its mellower vibe. “If you’re going Midtown, near Port Authority and Penn Station, people leaving work randomly will just walk in the bike lanes,” he warned – nodding to Anna Wintour, who presumably had not arrived via Citi Bike, as she arrived at the show. “I’m really cautious. I obey red lights. When I was in fourth grade, we took bike safety and I remember it all.” Plus, he’s got the gear. “This is my second helmet. The first one I had was a geeky bike one, and this one is a little bit of a hybrid. But I like it, I think it’s stylish,” he said, adding, “I’m just waiting for the DVF, rag & bone, and J.Crew versions of the helmet.” And now that he mentions it, so are we.

Steven Kolb on Citi Biking Through Fashion Week