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Tracy Anderson on Lena Dunham’s Body, Kim Kardashian’s Baby

Tracy Anderson.
Tracy Anderson. Photo: Bennett Raglin/Getty Images

Last night, Us Weekly hosted their annual Most Stylish New Yorkers event at Harlow, where trainer Tracy Anderson enthusiastically gossiped about her celebrity clients, including Lena Dunham. “Girls is my favorite TV show,” she gushed to the Cut. “I love it. I think that it’s honest, and the writing is smart. We’ve needed something like that. I don’t watch any television [but] I watch that show.” Does she train all the actresses? “I send trainers to the set,” she said. “But I will tell you that [Lena]’s not allowed to transform her body right now. [Girls] producer Jenni Konner is a diehard client of mine and a dear friend, so we joke, and she says, ‘You can’t transform her yet.’”

But there’s still time! “Yes, I could transform her and I could transform her character. I was on the show – her character was doing my DVDs in an episode last season,” she said. “She does work out!” In the meantime, she likes seeing “diverse” bodies on TV. “One of the things I can’t stand the most is all the fashion magazines where all the women look exactly the same,” she continued. “I train everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Gwyneth Paltrow, you know, and I’m a totally different body type. I think there needs to be more emphasis in art and entertainment and fashion on all different body shapes.”

Speaking of which, she claims to have laid eyes on Kim Kardashian post-birth. “Yes. Little North is beautiful, she’s got the most beautiful skin,” she gushed. And Kim’s not killing herself in the gym, contrary to tabloid reports. “She’s just taking time with the baby. She’s not concerned with working out or anything. Amazing. So connected. I knew she was going to be a great mom when I trained her during pregnancy.”

When asked if any of her New York clients have been skipping classes during Fashion Week, she looked horrified. “I don’t think anybody would skip a workout this week. They’re more like in the gym early, to get their sweat before they do hair or makeup or anything like that. This is not a week to skip the gym. I taught a master class this morning and it was like packed to the walls.”

Tracy Anderson on Lena Dunham, Kim Kardashian