Wave Good-bye to Summer With Pictures of Gorgeous Maiters

Photo: BFA

They’ve brought you an assortment of seemingly unending finger foods on shiny platters or followed you around a grassy lawn with fresh, bubbling drinks to quench your thirst — all while looking just like male models clad in dapper tuxes, straight out of a summer reverie induced by sun-nourished Hamptons bliss. They are the maiters of summer. And just like cheery snowmen that melt away into sad little puddles of water at the end of winter, a similar fate awaits the hordes of gorgeous male waiters. To properly bid adieu to summer, it’s only appropriate to raise a glass to all the beautiful, well-dressed men who waltzed about party grounds in the hottest months to continually provide sustenance and eye candy to summer’s most well-attended parties. Trust us, you would gladly eat or drink any and all the hors d’oeuvres and cocktails these apron-clad men would bring you.

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Wave Good-bye to Summer With These Hot Maiters