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Will Christina Hendricks Get to Keep Joan’s Wardrobe?

Christina Hendricks.
Christina Hendricks. Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Although Christina Hendricks looked elegant in a wine-colored Zac Posen dress in the designer’s front row yesterday, will she try to nab anything from Joan Holloway’s wardrobe of boat-necked sheaths and pencil skirts when Mad Men ends? “I don’t know if they’d ever let me,” she told the Cut. “They might want to archive those things. And some of them are rental pieces. Quite a few of them Janie Bryant designed and I have a feeling she may want to keep for her collection.”

But then again, she might not be able to resist. “I’ll probably sneak something,” she admitted. “There’s a dress that I wore in season one, and I think repeated in season three — it’s a little purple dress with a fuchsia satin tie and it’s my favorite costume I’ve worn the whole time,” she said. “It’s what my Barbie is wearing.” Come again? “There are Mad Men Barbies, and the Joan Barbie is wearing that dress,” she said, adding that she got to pick it herself. “I didn’t know if they would listen to me, but I think Janie backed me up on it.” [Let her keep the dress, Janie.]

Will Christina Hendricks Keep Joan’s Wardrobe?