30 Fantastic Movie Costumes by the Legendary Edith Head

Photo: Bettmann/Corbis

Costume Designer Edith Head once said “If it’s a Paramount film I probably designed it.” She doesn’t even have to pretend to be humble. Her influence continues — immortalized both as a character in Pixar’s The Incredibles, and today, as a Google Doodle tribute in honor of her 116th birthday.

Head, who used forged sketches in her interview for her job at Paramount, has become one of the most revered and idolized costume designers in cinema history. In her five decade career, she won eight Oscars; defined the legendary styles of  Hitchcock’s iciest blondes, Tippi Hedren and Grace Kelly; and added the quirk to Audrey Hepburn’s most-replicated, classic all-American looks from Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sabrina, and Roman Holiday. And that’s just the short list of her accomplishments. Name a classic film starring a female legend from the golden age of cinema, and she’s likely felt the cool embrace of Edith Head’s tape measure. Click through our slideshow of 30 of her most fantastic costumes from film — and get some inspiration for your Netflix queue.

30 Fantastic Movie Costumes by Edith Head