5-Year-Olds Named Sofia Rival Paris Hilton in Halloween Extravagance


5-year-old Sophia Rivera’s elaborate Chanel handbag Halloween costume — custom-made and modeled after mom’s — is an early favorite in NY Metro Parents’ Facebook Halloween photo contest. But it’s not Rivera’s only option. Like a miniature Paris Hilton, Rivera has a wardrobe full of costumes, including a professionally altered “Cleopatra” toga purchased at T.J. Maxx, as well as customized Glinda the Good Witch and Minnie Mouse costumes. “She goes to so many events, she’s truly had an outfit for every weekend in October since she was two,” Rivera’s mom, Valerie Vazquez, told the New York Post. “She’s my only child and I call her my muse!” Nor is Sophia alone. According to the Post, more and more parents are shelling out hundreds of dollars so their kids can sport a different look at each event in what is quickly becoming the month-long celebration of Halloween.

Indeed, Rivera is not even the only 5-year-old named Sophia the New York Post found with this problem. “We have that exact dilemma — a monster mash for school, Halloween, a neighborhood parade and we don’t … want to repeat costumes!” said Yesenia De Avila, mother of 5-year-old Sofia Cropper. Sofia will go as Annie from Little Orphan Annie (the $55 pinafore is an Etsy custom-make) for the monster mash, Mexican painter Frida Kahlo for the parade the next day, and a Disney TV character for Halloween, also named Sofia, Sofia the First.

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5-Year-Olds Named Sofia Rival Paris in Costumes