See All the Looks From Britney Spears’s New ‘Work Bitch’ Video

Photo: Timothy Chernyaev/Courtesy photo

Britney Spears’s latest music video for “Work Bitch” debuted today, and it already has almost 3 million views on YouTube. But how could it NOT, when highlights include Britney cracking a whip on her backup dancer’s garter-clad haunches? Other points of interest: Britney sitting at a lucite vanity in the middle of a desert (accompanied by her latest fragrance, obviously), Britney dancing above a pool full of sharks, Britney writhing sexily on a platform while a white Lamborghini* does doughnuts around her, and, perhaps most inexplicably, a woman who is not Britney carrying a mannequin off into the sunset. 

And of course, there’s an abundance of skimpy outfits to gawk at. Assembled by stylist B. Akerlund, the wardrobe consists of reliable Britney standbys like fishnet tights, hot pants, and jeweled push-up bras — you know, standard desertwear. But the video also revolves around a bondage theme, which means there are riding crops, harnesses, and over-the-knee boots thrown in for good measure. Click through our slideshow for an exclusive look at the outfit credits, which include Jean Paul Gaultier, Giuseppe Zanotti, Georges Chakra, and more.

Director: Ben Mor; stylist: B. Akerlund; hair: Kim Kimble; makeup: Ozzy Salvatierra; styling assistants: Timothy Chernyaev and Lauren Berina.

* The car type has been corrected. Apparently I can’t tell a Lamborghini from a Maserati.

All the Looks From Britney’s ‘Work Bitch’ Video