Amanda Bynes’s Custom Grill Is Still Up for Grabs

Photo: benballer/Instagram

To match her wig-wearing, pierced cheek phase, Amanda Bynes commissioned a bespoke grill from Ben Baller, the LA guru of sparkly, extravagant orthodontia. Unfortunately, the delightfully spontaneous actress was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold before she could see her completed masterpiece. Baller has tried to get the $10,000 14K rose-gold and pink diamond grill to its rightful set of teeth for a few months, to no avail. So Baller asked his Instagram followers: What should he do with an unclaimed grill? Charity auction? eBay? Send it to the loving home of Chanel Iman and A$AP Rocky?

Amanda Bynes’s Custom Grill Still Up for Grabs