Breaking: Kate Middleton Shopped Without Makeup On

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Kate Middleton had a lot on her plate last week, between her son’s christening and the various dresses she wore, but she still found time to buy serving dishes at Zara Home on Friday. According to People, “Employees were informed of Kate’s arrival around noon before she came in and shopped around the store, scooping up some platters with tropical birds on them.” What species of tropical birds, you might ask? People can’t be positive, but they’re “either cockatoos or parrots.” (Let’s go with the former — their feathers are cooler.) Salespeople overheard Kate saying that they were a gift, but that simply can’t be true; she knows her purchases are never a secret. Instead, let’s assume that she and Will are dining off this cockatoo dish this very moment.

Zara Home’s cockatoo platter. Photo: Markus Lista/Zara Home

Also of note: Kate didn’t have her face on, according to one anonymous employee, who reported, “She didn’t look like the magazine pictures, you know, without her makeup or anything.” You know. (If you really want to see a picture of her leaving the store, it’s here. Frankly, she doesn’t look much different from how she looks in the picture above, in which she is definitely wearing makeup.)

Breaking: Kate Middleton Shopped Without Makeup