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Campus Afraid That the Internet Will See Them Making Out

Photo: Lawrence Manning/Corbis

A student-run Twitter account from Fordham University, @FU_Makeouts, is posting photographs of couples canoodling in public, and it’s really upsetting people committed to public kissing. While the account doesn’t name names and mostly employs photographs that obscure the faces of the young neckers, it’s gotten everyone all bothered about showing up on the Internet the day after a public display of affection.

A Ram Realm article begins with noting a campus-wide sense of anxiety at the prospect of seeing one’s young face pressed upon another’s young face, pressed upon the Internet: 

’Oh my God, please don’t tell me I’m on FU_Makeouts!’ is an exclamation I’ve heard at least five times every weekend since school began… 

A friend of mine (name withheld for her privacy) told me, ‘I was hooking up with this guy at Howl the other weekend, and all I could think about was whether our picture would show up on FU_Makeouts the next day. I couldn’t even enjoy it!’

The tone of FU_Makeouts is decidedly Gossip Girl. It’s mostly some venomous cheese, spiked with platitudes and aimed to humiliate. For example: “Sunday tongue day,” or “Blondes DO have more fun.” It’s an account that doesn’t care if people are embarrassed and doesn’t give a fuck about spelling embarrass correctly:

Because PDA is practically a core requirement… Embarass your friends. Send us your pics.

But these young osculators fear that their employers, family, and friends will bear witness to their antics. It’s a campus in dread of kissing in front of other people. And it is not only the currently enrolled who face this distress. The account recently posted its first historical image: “We received this alumni submission from Halloween 2007 #tbt.”

Perhaps leave these young lovers in peace in public, @FU_Makeouts. Or at least confine your choices to the distinctly gross self-submitted selfies of couples kissing.

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Campus Fears the Internet Will See Them Kissing