Delfina Delettrez Drew Out the Cool Kids for Her Paris Presentation

Photo: Joe Schildhorn / NYC

The Delfina Delettrez presentation in Paris this week was a nice break from the hectic show schedule. It was a chance to slow down, just a little, and Delettrez — a surrealist at heart — always likes to do things differently: This season, she served up her collection on levitating dinner plates, a trick she orchestrated using magnets.

The collection title, “Never Too Light,” was a reference to illusion and an absence of gravity, something she hoped to emulate with the rings in the collection. On each of them, the band sits only on the underside of the finger so that the stones appear to be mysteriously set in place all on their own. “I tried to find a way of doing phantom settings so stones look like they just fell on your hand,” she says holding her hand out to display the rings. “I wanted to hide the ring as much as possible.”

Also in the collection were bracelets that looked like wristwatches, only brightly colored, polished quartz sat in place of a clock face. “A good excuse when you are running late,” Delettrez joked.

Haider Ackermann dropped by, as did Giovanna Battaglia and model Natalia Vodianova, who admitted she is a big fan. “I love her work with stones,” she said. “Often stones can be overpowering or look a little old, but with her, it’s not the case. The way she sets the stone and the way she presents it is very modern, very cool … Have you seen the makeup next door?”

In the adjoining room, Delettrez put out a spread of edible cosmetics for guests to enjoy. The display looked like a hybrid of a beauty counter and a research lab with Prosecco bubbling in test tubes. There was also a gin cocktail (a very responsible way to enjoy alcohol), Chantilly cream in pots, and my personal favorite: dark-chocolate lipstick. I took one for the road and got some very strange looks from people when they saw me eating it.

Delfina Delettrez Drew Out the Cool Kids