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Deranged Sorority Sister Is Writing a Novel

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Remember the University of Maryland’s “Deranged Sorority Girl,” former Delta Gamma sister Rebecca Martinson? Her breathtaking literary abilities with profanity and slurs so impressed us that we here at the Cut thought, Someone should give that girl a blog.  And so it was. After that, though, nobody followed up with, Hey she should really write a book, huh? But yet, here we are.

According to a lengthy profile of Simon & Schuster’s  lowbrow-books editor Jeremie Ruby-Strauss in The New Republic, Martinson is co-writing a novel with the author of White Girl Problems, currently being shopped around by Byrd Leavell, a.k.a. the agent responsible for Tucker Max.

His pitch: “There’s a number of books that have pubbed that just say, you know, I had too many drinks, I banged him, I kicked him out of bed, and I went to work. Like, it’s out there, but I think there’s room for more,” Leavell said to TNR.

Simon & Schuster is interested in what promises to be a “shit-ton of fun,”  by the female Tucker Max. Which we really didn’t ask for.

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Deranged Sorority Sister Is Writing a Novel