Emma Thompson Confirms That Prince Charles Is a Sexy Dancer

Prince Charles. Photo: Getty Images

Emma Thompson, she of the multiple Academy Awards, adopted former–child soldier son, and extraordinary ability to make eighteenth-century bonnets look fabulous, happens to be good friends with Prince Charles, presumably because they’re both British and famous. They’re so close, in fact, that she has had the pleasure of dancing with him, which is apparently quite a pleasure, if you know what I mean (wink!).

She tells Time magazine:

Dancing with Charles, an old friend, is ‘better than sex.’ Thompson adds, ‘There’s a long history of relationships between Princes of Wales and actors — not just actresses, not just the rude relationships as [Charles] would say, though god knows I’ve tried. He wasn’t having any of it.’

What a Casanova, that Charles! (And we’re definitely stealing the term “rude relationships”.) We always thought that Charles’s dance moves were more of the “dad” variety (lots of white-man’s overbite and awkward toe-tapping), but if you look back on his rug-cutting antics of yore, you’ll see that those hips are not to be underestimated. Click through his history on the dance floor in our slideshow.

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Emma Thompson: Prince Charles Is a Sexy Dancer