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Everybody: Hands Off the Baby Bump

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It seems when people see a pregnant woman, they forget all appropriate social skills and succumb to their uncontrollable urge to touch the site of new life. It’s kind of like seeing a puppy or a small, shaky toy dog — the creature is novel, cute, and full of the promise of warm, snuggly feelings.

Except a pregnant woman is not a puppy.  She’s a woman who might sue for harassment if you place your hands on her belly without consent. In fact, after one Pennsylvania woman did just that (and won!), the Keystone State passed legislation that makes unsolicited baby-bump groping illegal. Go Pennsylvania! A pregnancy belly is not an invitation to have everyone rub their hands on you. But just to be clear, the Cut does not support the criminalization of petting unknown dogs.

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Everybody: Hands Off the Baby Bump