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A Faux-Fur Jacket With a Sense of Humor

Photo: ASOS

Since I’m planning a December wedding and I’d like to take some pictures outdoors, I found myself searching for the perfect coat to wear over my nontraditional dress. Originally I envisioned something fluffy and Muppet-like, as that seems to be the trend this fall, until I came across this ASOS coat. With its curly faux white fur and slim fit, the topper perfectly complements the midi-length silhouette I’ve chosen, keeping me warm without adding any unnecessary bulk. The little cat ears on the hood clinched the deal. The combination is chic, but with a sense of humor, much like how I picture my wedding day to be. So expect to see tons of silly photos on Instagram that might involve a paw or two.

ASOS curly faux-fur coat with cat ears, $142.38 at ASOS.