Downton Abbey’s Dan Stevens Reads Frankenstein Aloud

Dan Stevens, the fellow that broke the heart of Downton Abbey, is narrating Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein for an Audible recording. There could have been a totally fantastical cross-promotion of this product on PBS; like if Matthew read it aloud to Lady Mary by the fire while everyone else ran about making a small disaster in the kitchen, or dealing with a horse in the rain, or being confused about a telegram — or something.

But alas! It would be a particularly spooky plotline if it were attempted now.

Anyway, Stevens seems to be doing a totally fine job and enunciating clearly. He even seems to get all of the themes. Stevens even ponders:

Can we be human on our own or do we need companionship?

Too soon, good sir, too soon.

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Downton’s Dan Stevens Reads Frankenstein Aloud