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Get Ready for a Movie Version of Wedding Website the Knot

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20th Century Fox will be making a certain wedding website into a movieAha, you might think, upon hearing this news, a wedding story! Something in the tradition of a Shakespearean comedy! What stories could this wedding website contain? The insider musings of a devilishly handsome wedding D.J.? The wry confessions of an always bridesmaid? 

If only things were so simple: Instead, Fox has optioned a wedding website with no narrative content. They will be making what is presumably an experimental art-house film out of the Knot, a utilitarian website used to plan weddings.

The Knot features categories like “Wedding Bouquets,” “Wedspiration,” and “Bridal Hairstyles.” That sounds like a solid three acts to me! And there are potential sequels: 20th Century Fox also optioned other websites owned by the company, one for couples expecting a baby (the Bump) and another for first-house decorating (the Nest). The Knot, the Bump, and the Nest— this makes them sound like a horror trilogy, in which each successive entry is more terrifying than the last (crazy twist in The Bump, no one will see it coming).

Deadline reports that “the company claims to reach the vast majority of bridesmaids, so there will certainly be brand recognition and cross-promotional opportunities.” Going to a movie theater to watch Wedding Websites: Part 1 of 3. Cool bachelorette activity! You can take the idea for free.

Get Ready for a Movie Version of the Knot