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How to Wear a Turtleneck Under a Strapless Dress

Photo: YoungJun Koo

The last two seasons have seen a multitude of nineties revivals from grunge-inspired plaid to minimalist slips , but one styling trick has also made a comeback: layering slim turtlenecks under dresses. Take this image of Natalie Joos clad in a Mary Katrantzou strapless dress layered over a pink turtleneck — not only does it dress down an otherwise elaborate piece, but it also makes it fall-weather friendly. The trick is to find a dress that doesn’t have layers of chiffon or beading, as solids or patterns work best for the silhouette. Then wear it with a contrasting top. This top could be graphic (think black velvet with white), or you could experiment with color blocking by mixing fuchsia with navy. For an outfit most similar to Natalie’s, Mango’s blush pink matches perfectly with Clover Canyon’s exuberant digital print. For more inspiration, click ahead to see three interpretations of the outfit.