Jennifer Aniston Sat Out of the Friends Fountain Photo Shoot

Photo: Russell Turiak/Liason/Getty Images

Here is a little story about fate, Friends, and photo shoots in fountains. Jennifer Aniston revealed that her breakout role as the face underneath the Rachel coiffure nearly didn’t come to pass. At a dinner honoring Friends director James Burrows on October 7, Aniston noted that a TV show she had already filmed had to be canceled in order for her to star in Friends. Because this would be her fifth canceled pilot, it seemed like a fairly safe bet.

While shooting the Friends pilot, Aniston had to wait to hear if a CBS sitcom, Muddling Through, would be picked up. And lo! It was approved for three episodes.

So during the happy-fountain-times shoot, Aniston stepped out of a bunch of photos. She was a very sad Aniston indeed.

And think how sad we would have been without her! Who would Ross love? Phoebe? That’s nonsensical. Who would run about in a wedding dress in the pilot? Well, Chandler, obviously.

Remember though, says Aniston — the next time something doesn’t work out for you, your next gig will precipitate an iconic hairstyle of the nineties. That’s how fate works.

Jen Aniston Sat Out of the Friends Photo Shoot