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J.Lo’s Personal Assistant Upgrades to Mariah Carey

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images; Kris Connor/Getty Images

Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey have an alleged long-standing diva feud, which almost came to a head once on American Idol, but then kind of calmed down (and then they both denied it). While the general public is left wondering just how much they hate each other, there is at least one person who knows: J.Lo’s favorite personal assistant — who just quit to go work for Team Mariah. Ouch. The Daily Mail reports that assistant Gilly had had enough, and quit as soon as she could. That’s the ultimate way to get back at a bad boss: Go work for their most hated, rumored arch-nemesis during their mostly media-fueled feud. While Gilly will work mostly with Jermaine Dupri, who has also recently joined Team Mariah, we imagine 75 percent of the PA job involves glamming up arm slings and getting the lighting juuust right for for boob Instagrams.

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J.Lo’s Assistant Upgrades to Mariah Carey