Kate Middleton Books Princess Diana’s Hairstylist

Photo: Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Proving that the best hair recommendations do come from people you know, Kate Middleton reveals that for her upcoming 2014 Australian tour, she will use the same hairstylist that Princess Diana did. The Daily Mail reports that just as Diana did in 1997, she will be using the services of hairstylist Joh Bailey. Bailey and Diana used to hang out together, you see, and would even sit and read tabloids together. Bailey told an Australian newspaper, “She would sit in the chair flicking through newspaper and magazine clippings, and read absolutely everything the tabloids wrote about her. She had a huge pile of them, throwing them onto the floor either in disgust or laughing … she was very aware of her image.” Somewhere, Kim Kardashian just threw down her tabloid in disgust — her big news day foiled by Kate’s hair again.

Kate Middleton Books Diana’s Hairstylist