Kissing Is Just Socially Acceptable Sniffing, Report Scientists

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The work of some good scientists over at Oxford University has revealed that kissing is a bewildering and complicated interaction carried out by people who may or may not love each other very much. But kissing’s origins may lie in the simple desire for a hearty whiff of one’s potential partner.

Rafael Wlodarski, a doctoral candidate and a lead author of the study, said that kissing has been shaped by society as well as biology:

In many cultures, kissing was one of the first opportunities for individuals to get close enough to sniff each other in socially acceptable ways.

Quite a roundabout method we’ve developed, but here we are.

For this study, experimental psychologists at Oxford University questioned 18 to 63 year olds about their romantic habits to answer this complex query about how kissing works in romantic relationships. And they found out some information, but it’s mostly stuff we know. Kissing lets you assess partners and sustain affection in relationships. Good talk, guys. Looking forward to the hugging expose.

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Kissing Is Just Socially Acceptable Sniffing