Kristen Schaal Reveals Sexiest Halloween Costume Ever Created

Photo: The Daily Show/Comedy Central

It’s Halloween, and you want to be sexy but still creative and original like the sexy snowflake you are (oh, that’s a good costume idea!). The usual roster of sexy cat, sexy cop, sexy unicorn, or sexy Dick Cheney just won’t cut it. Well, ladies, The Daily Show’s senior women’s issues correspondent, Kristen Schaal, has a solution for you — just go for broke and “dress up as the place where sex happens.”

Last night, Schaal unveiled what might be the most sensual Halloween costume ever seen: the sexy vagina. Because we, as Schaal reminds us, have “one night, only one, out of the whole year to be viewed as sexual objects.”

Return that sexy pizza costume you were considering and watch Schaal’s hilarious skit below:

Kristen Schaal Reveals Sexiest Halloween Costume