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Male Gaze: Johnny Depp, Whenever He Wasn’t Blond

Photo: Kevin.Mazur

To all Johnny Depp fans, prepare to release a guttural, heart-wrenching wail when you click here. The 50-year-old actor, who has managed to seduce women all throughout his 50 years of his life, whether his greasy dark-brown hair was long, short, hidden beneath a hat, riddled with highlights, or mostly comprised of distracting bangs, has managed to become unrecognizable by bleaching his hair a vibrant (almost caustic) shade of yellow. He debuted his new ’do over the weekend at the 2013 BFI London Film Festival Awards while presenting Christopher Lee with the BFI Fellowship honor. To properly ease the shock and help piece together the broken shards of your heart, we offer up a young Johnny from his golden years, with skin as smooth as porcelain, dimples as deep as canyons, and hair as brown as coffee beans. Plus, a slideshow to fully appreciate Depp’s better hair days. While this isn’t the first time Depp’s gone blond (see: his shaggy mane in Blow), it really doesn’t soften the blow (sorry, we had to).

Male Gaze: Johnny Depp, When He Wasn’t Blond