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Male Gaze: Michael Fassbender’s Rugged Good Looks

Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Yesterday, the German-Irish actor with crystal-clear bluish-green eyes and a strong jawline that always emanates manliness attended the premiere of his incredibly well-received film 12 Years a Slave at the 51st New York Film Festival. The hint of reddish-brown bristle that he grows on his face to accentuate that chiseled jaw, plus the deep dimples that appear when he pseudo-smiles, can both clearly melt hearts. But we’re also obsessed with the way he speaks. Watch him in this video so he can hypnotize you with his voice. (Bonus: He’s wearing a motorcycle jacket and looking dangerous.) And below he’s showing off his gleaming chompers while posing alongside 12 Years co-star Paul Giamatti. Fassbender’s wearing a Tom Ford suit, as well he deserves.

Photo: Neil Rasmus/
Male Gaze: Michael Fassbender’s Rugged Looks