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Martha Stewart on Her ‘Fairy Grand-Martha’ Halloween Costume

Martha Stewart.
Martha Stewart. Photo: Elle Jota/

At last night’s Friends of Hudson River Park gala, Martha Stewart was resplendent in gold sparkles, which naturally led to questions about her upcoming Halloween costume: A ruffly, pale-pink ensemble, unveiled on the cover of her “Halloween” issue. “Is it Fairy God-Martha?” we asked. “Grand Martha!” Stewart corrected, kindly, and then adjusted the emphasis. “Grand Martha.” Was it tough to make? “Me and my team, we had a great time planning it. It’s a very simple costume. It’s a Danskin ballerina bodysuit — long-sleeved, long legs — and just about 40 yards of pink tulle. Easy!”

So, what’s a Halloween pitfall to avoid? “Difficult costumes to wear,” she said. “Like being a big box or something … you shouldn’t force your little kids into that stuff. Comfort. Comfort above all.” We mentioned dressing as dice in second grade, encased in a giant cardboard box. “Oh my gosh!” laughed Martha. “Oh, no, no.” Did she have any similar disasters? “No!” she said. “Mine are always great.”

Martha Stewart on ‘Fairy Grand-Martha’ Costume