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Turns Out, Mika Brzezinski Is Actually a Fairy Godmother

Photo: Nancy Kaszerman/ZUMAPress/Corbis

Usually, Q&A sessions between young students and journalism greats are riddled with subtext: Hopeful young professionals say, “Hey, how’d you get that amazing job?,” but really they’re saying, “For the love of whatever, just hire me right here based on the question I’m asking.” Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski totally gets it. Last night, during a lecture at Columbia University’s journalism school, a 24-year-old woman asked Brzezinski how she could stop “languishing” at her crappy job at CBS and get some more responsibility. At first it looked like Brzezinski, who pulled out her phone during the exchange, was beyond bored with the millennial’s plight. But, actually, she was just calling up a CBS network exec to set up a meeting for the young whippersnapper.

When Capital New York asked why she would go to such lengths for a person she’d just met, here’s what Brzezinski said:

“Because that’s what women should do for each other, anyone should do for anyone! And because I can,” she said. I can tell she’s going to be a star. She just needs a break,” she said. “I made the meeting. I would have loved for someone to have done that for me, let me just tell you.”

You’ll recall that CBS “unceremoniously” fired Brzezinski in 2004. So maybe they’ll give her whatever she wants now. Because she’s amazing, all she wants is jobs for the young people.

Mika Brzezinski Is Actually a Fairy Godmother