Monuments Replace Celebrities As Plastic-Surgery Inspiration


In an ad spotted recently on the back of a Chinese taxicab, one plastic surgeon promised to reshape your nose following a new ideal aesthetic ratio. He wasn’t talking about the golden ratio, but the promise to give his clients an  “Eiffel Nose.” An “Eiffel Nose” is a snuffer that conforms to the proportions of France’s national treasure, boasting an ultra-scientific nose-to-face angle of 85 degrees.

Although we have no confirmation of whether “Eiffel Noses” are the new “Smile Lifts” in China, it did get us thinking: What monuments would serve as better plastic-surgery inspiration than celebrities? Here are our choices for historic landmarks that should be the new golden ratio for plastic surgery. Click through our monumental plastic-surgery slideshow to see what replaced Blake Lively, Angelina Jolie, Michelle Obama, and more.

Monuments As the New Plastic-Surgery Inspiration