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Naomi Watts’s Kids Enjoyed Her Princess Diana Voice

Naomi Watts, Jessica Seinfeld, and Carson Kressley.
Naomi Watts, Jessica Seinfeld, and Carson Kressley. Photo: Getty Images

At the New York premiere of Diana last night, actress Naomi Watts said the hardest part of playing the late princess was mimicking her voice. “That was the biggest one to get. We remember her voice so well,” she said. “I used two different coaches and did six weeks of prep every single day for four hours, at least.” She also practiced at home. “Yeah!” she said, laughing. “I read out loud to my children. It was quite funny for them.”

Also on the red carpet was Jessica Seinfeld, her hair swept up in neat braids. “I’ve been cornrowing since the Met Ball,” she explained. “It means I never have to do my hair. I just wash it while it’s cornrowed.” In fact, she considers it a signature style of sorts. “I grew up with cornrows. Like a lot of my friends’ mothers would cornrow all their daughters’ hair, and I always wanted to have my hair cornrowed by the mom. I got these done two days ago.”

But it was Diana’s hair that Queer Eye’s Carson Kressley, also in attendance, was yearning for. “I still worship her,” he gushed. “Oh my God, I still have her haircut. It’s true.”

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Naomi Watts’s Kids Enjoyed Her Diana Voice