Oy, Kim Kardashian Goes Super Blonde


Still making up for nine months of lost hair-dye time, Kim Kardashian unveiled very, very blonde hair while taking baby North West to a doctor’s appointment yesterday. On the Maggie Lange scale of coloring (which compares hair colors to drinks and was first used to evaluate Paris Hilton’s locks), Kardashian’s hair now looks like Country Time Lemonade left sitting in the sun.

Just when we were ready to admit we were coming to terms with actually liking Kim Kardashian’s previously burnt-caramel ombré (more like a Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino), she has taken it too far, too soon. Kardashian appears to be suffering from a documented beauty condition called blonditis, in which one sees how good one initially looks with a few blonde highlights, hears the compliments roll in, and, overwhelmed by thoughts of how much better looking one could be looking with even more blonde hair, overdoses. Known sufferers include Victoria Beckham circa 2007, Cher, and Jennifer Love Hewitt. It appears to be hereditary. The known cure is hair toner and repeat viewing of slideshows entitled “Celebrities Who Looked Better As Brunettes.”

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