Party Pics: Kardashian, Clinton, Upton, and More


The end of Paris Fashion Week brought about a last hurrah of parties, including yet another screening of Mademoiselle C, hosted by Lovegold and attended by a lot of cleavage. Kim Kardashian was photographed admiring her own plunging neckline, while Lily Donaldson, Cara Delevingne, and Carolyn Murphy also went for extra-deep V-necks. (Incidentally, Delevingne and Rita Ora posed for pictures together, so they must be friends again.) Ironically, Kate Upton’s décolletage was fully covered in chaste black lace.

Back in New York, a pink-clad Hillary Clinton attended Calvin Klein’s Save the Children gala, where she posed for pictures with Jennifer Garner. Click through our slideshow for the best pictures of this week’s parties, and wave an official good-bye to Fashion Month nightlife.