People Are Up to Some Gross Business in Dressing Rooms

Photo: Corbis

Dressing rooms are a disaster area of dirty diapers and used condoms, reports a woman who has worked in retail for over fifteen years. Most notably, people are using the tiny stalls as a place to have sex:

I was shocked, too. The first time I ever encountered it I was 17. I was the fitting room attendant at a store down in Kingston and I heard these weird noises and I called my manager and I said, ‘I don’t know what’s going on over here.’ And she said, ‘You realize those two people are totally getting it on.’ I died.

Trying on clothes should be personal time. Try that dress with a belt! See what that skirt looks like if you’re dancing! Confirm that three-quarter-length sleeves don’t make sense with your general style. It’s your time to get to know some potential new garments. It’s not banging, zipper-breaking, diaper-changing time.

People Do Gross Business in Changing Rooms