People Only Want to Talk to Mischa Barton About The O.C.

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Cosmopolitan interviewed Mischa Barton to discuss her life in this fair fall of 2013. What’s she been up to lately? She’s been attending parties, making some movies, selling clothes in Dubai, posing on magazine covers with other people’s babies. It’s madcap! But alas, was the world given a chance to learn of Barton’s recent adventures in life, love, the pursuit of enormous chapeaus?

Not today, because mostly we got a series of questions about one fictional young lady named Marissa Cooper. The interviewer included one question about Barton’s upcoming horror film, then one about her love life (she’s into “soulful” musicians), and then launched into what everyone still wants to know: Just more stuff about The O.C.

We don’t know Barton’s tone, we don’t know if there were any pursed lips or eye rolls, but her first answer was a brutal, funny shutdown.

Cosmo: Moving onto The O.C., we know you’ve said you’re not into doing a reunion. Why not? 

MB: There would be no reunion for me really, because my character died. 

She adds that it “just wouldn’t be right to open up that Pandora’s box.” Pandora’s box meaning that the decision to revive Marissa would turn The O.C., for all its implausibility, into a full-on sci-fi event. Marissa died. Also, everyone else is kinda busy with their own TV shows, and Peter Gallagher is nowhere to be found when you’re searching for him at the opera …

Cosmo: Do you still keep in touch with the cast?

MB: Over the years, no, but it’s because they all have their own TV series and we’re all busy. Sometimes I run into Adam [Cohen], but I haven’t seen Ben [McKenzie] or Rachel [Bilson] in ages. Peter [Gallagher] and I were at the same opera house recently, but I looked for him and didn’t see him. 

Alone at the opera, abandoned by her fancier friends, struggling to maintain a grasp on the high-society life she once took for granted: She is basically an Edith Wharton character at this point.

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People Only Want to Talk to Mischa About The OC