See All of M.I.A.’s Knockoff-Inspired Versace Collection

M.I.A. for Versus Versace. Photo: Versace

Versace confirmed their collaboration with M.I.A. to WWD yesterday, and now pictures of the new, nineteen-piece Versus collection are online for your perusal! As expected, there are many loud, gold-embellished leggings, flashy prints, and logos. Motifs include Versace’s trademark scroll prints and medallions. Some of the pieces look quite similar to Versace’s collection for H&M, so if you’re still mad you didn’t get your paws on that before it sold out, now’s your big chance.

As M.I.A. and Donatella explained yesterday, the collection was inspired by knockoffs — i.e., the Versace-emblazoned T-shirts you find on Canal Street. By “subverting” the knockoff industry, they intended to “completing the circle,” which is a cool concept but may not come across entirely in the designs. (Sometimes, a knockoff of a knockoff just looks like a knockoff.) In any case, Versace fiends will eat this stuff up like … well, nothing, because of all that Spandex. It’s an unabashed ode to the brand name, and speaks to the strength of its signature.

Prices haven’t been released yet, but the collection will go on sale next Wednesday, October 16.

See M.I.A.’s Knockoff-Inspired Versace Collab