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The Sex Advice Joanna Coles Gives at Dinner Parties

Photo: Michael Stewart/Getty Images

Last night, the Cut caught up with Cosmopolitan’s Joanna Coles at the magazine’s screening of Super Fun Night. The editor-in-chief said that one year in, her post at Cosmo has taught her about super fun nights of her own. “I have to do all the research for the many, many sex positions, so I’m constantly exhausted, but happy. I’m a very good person to sit next to at a dinner because I can help if you’re having sex problems,” she said. “Often people want to know why they’re not having more sex, and I might whisper at them, ‘You might want to brush your teeth.’ Men will tell you that they would like to have more sex than they actually do. And women will tell you that less, actually. For the most part, my impression in New York is that women are kind of exhausted and harried and ‘enough already,’ and the men are like, ‘Ugh! I just need one more shag.’”

So what sex advice does Coles offer those exhausted women? “It’s better to have [sex] than not, for the most part,” she said. And here’s a tip for the guys: “Maybe stop watching so much Jon Stewart. A lot of people tell me that when their husband puts on Jon Stewart, they’re like, ‘Oh, I’m not going to stay awake at this point.’” So is Jon Stewart the biggest cock blocker in New York? “I think he might be,” she added. “Very funny, but you’re not going to get much.”

The Sex Advice Joanna Coles Gives at Parties