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Sex Box TV Show: Like a Middle-School Party

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Remember Sex Box, the U.K. TV show that claimed it would “reclaim sex from pornography” by sending couples into a box to have sex and then listening to them talk frankly about it on national television? Well, it finally aired over the weekend, reports the Telegraph.

Participants entered opaque, soundproof boxes that had all the amenities of a basic hotel room and proceeded to get frisky for 30 minutes. The audience was treated to a blue-laser light show until couples emerged, ready to participate in a rousing Q&A revealing what had just happened inside the freak cube. This is how one contestant, Dean, eloquently described his experience:  “Main thing first, taking the clothes off, obviously. Then,” he tells the panel, “just a bit of foreplay.” Rachel nods. “Then straight into it.” Into what? “Into sexual intercourse, obviously.”

Since Sex Box is just a highly produced version of Seven Minutes in Heaven — two people are stuck in an enclosed space, ordered to engage in awkward sexual activity before they can leave — it stands to reason that at least one couple probably lied about having gone all the way during the peer-pressure-y post-mortem discussion. Or at least lied about enjoying it. Just like middle school.

Sex Box TV Show: Like a Middle-School Party