‘Slutty Eyebrows’ Is Now an Internet Insult

Photo: Bobby Longoria/WireImage

When will the slut-shaming stop? On Into the Gloss yesterday, Cupcakes and Cashmere blogger and Estée Lauder ambassador Emily Schuman revealed that when she first started blogging, her overzealous eyebrow-plucking led to an Internet commenter ridiculing her for having “slutty eyebrows.” I don’t even want to get into this, but what are “slutty eyebrows”? How can they be slutty? Are there rumors of them getting fast and loose with the tweezers behind the school bleachers?

Schuman says: “One of the first mean comments I got on my site — you always remember your first — was someone who said I had ‘slutty eyebrows.’ I cried and called my friends saying, ‘I had no idea my eyebrows were slutty!’ I have been trying to let them grow back in, not to their original state of course, but just because full eyebrows make you seem more youthful and give you more expression.”

Luckily, Schuman decided of her own accord to stop overplucking, but if Schuman’s thin arches are considered “slutty,” then Cara Delevingne’s must be downright prudes.

Among other things, Schuman also mentioned that she just started taking face-washing seriously (this makes me jealous, because it sounds like she must be one of those lucky people who never washes their face and never gets breakouts). But she’s taking better care of her skin now. So, Internet, please don’t call her a slutty face washer either.

‘Slutty Eyebrows’ Is Now an Internet Insult