Study: Men in Love Walk Slower


A new way to tell if a male suitor is actually romancing you: Does he match your stride? According to new research, if you’re panting to keep up with him, he’s probably not that into you. Time reports that in a study of eleven heterosexual couples, researchers at Seattle Pacific University found that men — who typically walk about two-tenths of a mile per hour faster than women — slowed down their pace significantly when walking with a romantic partner. When walking with another man, both men tended to speed up, and while walking with female friends, men slowed down slightly, but the woman still had to increase her speed to meet his. Conversely, women walking together tended to both slow down.

No word on the relative walking speeds of Tinder dates, friends with benefits, or weirdly flirty coworkers.

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Study: Men in Love Walk Slower