Style Tribe: The Bridget Jones Midnight Sisterhood

Photo: Amy Lombard

Word bookstore’s midnight release party for Mad About the Boy, Helen Fielding’s third book about Bridget Jones, was a very Bridget occasion. Slightly boozy single women, highly caloric snacks, and bloody Marys? Check, check, and check. The women had gathered at the Brooklyn bookstore for a screening of the 2001 Renee Zellweger film (the fight between Mark Darcy and Daniel Cleaver drew cheers and claps), readings from Fielding’s books, and even a trivia contest (sample question: “In Bridget’s view, how many cigarettes are too many?”).

Noticeably absent from the Word party were any emotional fuckwits of the Daniel Cleaver variety. Maybe they just knew where they weren’t welcome — one of Monday’s most devoted fans even had a Bridget-inspired tattoo that read, “No Emotional Fuckwittage.”

Style Tribe: Bridget Jones Midnight Sisterhood