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Tabloid’s Great Idea for Rebel Wilson: Diet

Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Rebel Wilson’s having a moment. She’s the centerpiece of a new sitcom! She’s posing on magazine covers! Her first name is a subversive verb AND a noun! What could be next on the path for the rising comic actress? Could it be paved with creative freedom and lively memes and delightful super-stardom?

RadarOnline has another bright idea: diet endorsements. Clearly, the diet-company endorsement is Wilson’s long-term goal.

According to RadarOnline, an insider close to the actress reported, “Rebel is asking for a fortune, but still looking at all the offers and is not ready to rule it out yet.”

Perhaps Rebel is requesting $40 billion. Perhaps she is negotiating for the continent of Antarctica as her signing bonus. Perhaps she is saying, “Pay me in paintings stolen by Thomas Crown, but until Pierce Brosnan presents them to me, see ya never.” We don’t know her terms. We just know that according to “an insider,” diet companies see her as the next Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Hudson.  

Wilson has worked with diet companies in the past. In July 2011, she was named as the official spokesperson for Jenny Craig in Australia. She halted that campaign in February of 2012.

The source says that there is no pressure for her to slim down, but she would accept cold, hard dollar bills and some press:

Rebel would be doing this strictly for the money. She’s built a comic persona out of being heavy and nobody in her world or at ABC is pressuring her to lose weight. It would only be for the cash and the exposure.

Yes, that must truly be what builds a comic persona.

Tabloid’s Great Idea for Rebel Wilson: Diet