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Taylor Swift is Hailee Steinfeld’s “Big Sister”

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty Images

Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld are going all out on this BFF thing. They coordinate their outfits. They coordinate their bangs. They bake and watch movies. And do they talk about boys? “Oh yeah, of course. What else is there to talk about?” Steinfeld said to E!. After Emma Stone introduced them a few years ago, they’ve gone on girl’s weekend trips to the New England coast together. Lena Dunham even came along.

And the pair supports each other’s after-school activities! Swift attended the premiere of Steinfeld’s high school play. Steinfeld went to one of Swift’s singing events — if only, she told People, to help fill out the audience. People inquired about the last concert Steinfeld attended:

My friend Taylor Swift’s. We connected a few years ago; she’s like a big sister to me. She’s the best listener. I feel like I can call or text her wherever she is in the world and she’ll always be there.

Their friendship is a dozen best-friends necklaces, a thousand puppies friends with bunnies, and a million cupcakes. What a blessed union they have.

But is all sunny in the realm of Steinfeld’s relationships? No. People asked her about the last time she was annoyed:

You know when you’re having a text conversation with someone, and then you call them and they don’t pick up even though you know they have their phone? That weirds me out.

Not everyone can be as available and generous as Taylor, Hailee. Sometimes people don’t respond to communication right away. Sometimes other people find this move intriguing. It’s called “playing hard to get.” Taylor’s probably got some stories about that for you.

Taylor Swift is Hailee Steinfeld’s “Big Sister”