Trying to Get Laid? Just See This Hairstylist

Photo: Glowimages/Corbis

A hairdresser at Bumble and Bumble named Mischa G. knows some kind of sorcery with a pair of scissors. The New York Post reports she’s the creator of the Get Laid Haircut, which she guarantees will get you some sweet, sweet lovin’. Unlike more universally popular haircuts like, say, the Rachel, this style is tailored by Mischa G. to flatter each individual’s face shape and bone structure. “I get a lot of my inspiration from a bunch of drag queens who were my clients upstate,” Mischa told the Post. “They aren’t necessarily the most confident people in the world, but they learn how to build up their confidence by altering their appearance.

Does it work? Mischa warns that you won’t walk out of the salon and into a steamy humpfest: “Most people find they look their best after [the style] has settled down a bit on day two or day three.” But she swears that her clients get results. Just ask young college student Philip McElroy, who texted Mischa his gratitude: “Your haircut got me a threesome! Next time, I’ll give you a bigger tip!” reports the New York PostPowerful stuff. But what happens if we get the Get Laid Haircut on a day we also needed the Get a Job Haircut, or the Attend a Church Function Haircut? Awkward.

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Trying to Get Laid? Just See This Hairstylist