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TV Evangelist Says That Your Low-Carb Diet Violates God’s Plan

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There should be a word for when you agree with someone you usually vehemently disagree with. Holes in the English language aside: Pat Robertson says that low-carb diets violate life as it should be lived. He said that low-carb diets are unhealthy, but also that this type of diet “violates the principles that God set down.” He created a land of carbs and honey. Who are you to ignore the complex and simple carbohydrates of His creation?

Of course, Robertson phrases his argument with all the fire and brimstone you might expect:

You get all kinds of problems where you ache like crazy. That’s the truth of it, if you don’t have some carbs in there. The carbs are the fire that burns everything.

The TV preacher does not usually discuss dietetic issues on his show, The 700 Club. Following his carb evangelism, though, he also alleged that Halal food funds terrorism. And now we’ve lost him again …

TV Evangelist: Low-Carb Diets Violate God’s Plan