Twitter Helps to Capture Weave Thieves

What’s worth a lot of money, isn’t subject to valuation fluctuations, moves quickly on the market, and has no problem moving between state borders? Hair extensions. Four women in Houston were savvy to this, and robbed a hair extension store called Mr. Indian Hair.

The weave thieves made off with $15,000 worth of hair, which sounds like a lot. But considering that each extension is worth between $150 and $200, they probably only made away with about 75 bundles. Or bushels. Or whatever is the appropriate term for what a lot of hair collected is. This is not the first time that weave thieves have struck. But it is the first time that social media dealt a decisive blow in balancing the scales of justice.

The shop’s owner, Kehlin Farooq, said that despite having surveillance video, he was having trouble identifying the thieves. But reports, “Days later, there was a break in the case thanks to some Good Samaritans who told him his products were being sold on the street and on Instagram.” We can only imagine the hashtags: #RealHair4Cheapz and #NotStolenTotallyLegalHairHere.