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What It’s Like to Be Diddy’s Personal Shopper

Photo: David Becker/WireImage

Derek Roche, celebrity stylist and star of Lifetime’s new series Million Dollar Shoppers, opens up to the New York Post about working for Sean “Diddy” Combs. He didn’t flat-out say “emotionally abusive relationship,” but let’s read between the lines. “Mr. Combs is Mr. Combs, and he isn’t used to hearing ‘no,’” Roche told the Post. “He is the one who tests my limits and boundaries.”

For example, during Cannes, Roche had to find a Diddy-approved evening dress for his date, Cassie. The only appropriately showstopping option was a  $50,000 Roberto Cavalli gown that was reserved for someone else. In the end, Diddy had to get Roberto on the phone, which we assume he then threw at Roche. But we’re just speculating. “At the time, I was about to have a nervous breakdown,” Roche admitted.

Being the sole provider of Diddy floss sounds terrifying, but it seems like Roche has found the Diddy version of a Thunder Shirt: “happy socks.” “We labeled them ‘happy socks’ because they just make him feel good — it could be polka dots, it could be stripes or lightning bolts,” Roche said, who relies on Paul Smith or Rob Kardashian’s sock lines to ward off tantrums.

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What It’s Like to Be Diddy’s Personal Shopper