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Zoom Shot: Hair Lips at Miu Miu

Photo: Getty Images

Our first thought upon seeing a model in Miu Miu’s show with hair stuck to her face was, “Oh no! Her healthy flowing hair got caught in her shellacked-on lip gloss! How embarrassing.” But as model after model trounced down the runway with hair intentionally plastered to her lips, we realized it was in fact intentional. Silly us. Of course fashion would take something previously thought of as an annoying outcome of windy weather and make it a new beauty trend.

Replacing “own hair as mustache,” the “Miu Miu Hair Lip” (we’re still working out the name) is best for people who haven’t outgrown chewing on their hair or anyone who gets embarrassed when hair gets stuck in their mouth during casual conversation, public speeches, or dates. Now, it’s not awkward, it’s a “lewk.”

So 2013. Photo: iStockphoto
Zoom Shot: Hair Lips at Miu Miu