Survey: 30 Percent of Millennial Moms Text Their Partners Instead of Talking

Photo: Shutterstock

Almost a third of millennial mothers report that they text with their partners more than they speak with them. According to a new survey called Millennial Moms & Media, conducted by Meredith’s Parents Network, smartphones have become integrally important to the way that moms age 19 to 36 communicate. Almost half of these young mothers say that social media and texting have replaced talking with their friends. (There wasn’t information about how their habits changed since becoming mothers, but the survey did compare the millennial mothers to new moms from the Gen X category.)

The study also reported the celebrities most followed by millennial moms: Ellen DeGeneres, Kim Kardashian, Beyoncé, Oprah, and Michelle Obama. That seems like a pretty solid source of momspiration, in the aggregate.

30 Percent of Millennial Moms Text Over Talking