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It’s a One Direction Training Montage

Photo: Michael Tran/Getty Images

One Direction released a video depicting their workout routine. With high-energy jams and nonstop sweating, it’s sort of like the training montage from the movie wherein these scrappy upstarts become international superstars, except that they’re already international superstars.

It involves lots of workout machines and references to inspiring action figures like Thor, Indiana Jones, and one Kim Kardashian. Harry Styles displays his butterfly chest tattoo and reports on the rigors of his regimen. It’s actually a grueling schedule that affords very little sleep. While sprinting on a treadmill, he says:

It’s currently 12.15 a.m. I train for an hour, sleep for four hours. Get up again at 5 a.m., have breakfast and go to Bikram yoga at 6 a.m.

Well, there goes the illusion that lolling about and dreaming of dream girls is all a dreamboat has to do to look like a pop princeling. Thanks for getting real with us, guys.

It’s a One Direction Training Montage