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Ashley Madison Sued by Profile Faker

It’s no shock at all that wannabe-cheater website Ashley Madison invents bogus user profiles out of whole cloth. It’s appealing to people who want to deceive their spouses and employs deception along the way — just getting into the mind of the customer over there.

But these fake profiles aren’t just dreamed up by elves while everyone sleeps. Creating fake profiles to woo potential customers requires hard work, imagination, and a lot of keyboard tapping. Ashley Madison must hire proficient typists to create these enticing characters.

When Ashley Madison aimed to launch a version of its website in Brazil, it hired Doriana Silva to create 1,000 of these fake profiles in three weeks.

Now, Silva, an immigrant from Brazil living in Toronto, is suing the company for over $20 million. She’s claiming that these hours of torture-typing gave her severe carpal tunnel syndrome. Not only full of deception, PrettyGirlForReal8972, but the secret cause of abysmal hand and wrist pains. Just think of all the pain that went into creating SoKindToYouAlways826.

Ashley Madison Sued by Profile Faker