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The 7 Best Catching Fire YouTube Makeup Tutorials

The beauty looks in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire are the ones beauty junkies dream of: Diamond-studded lashes! Effie’s multiple Sesame Street-hued beehives! Katniss’s contouring and red (not pink) eye! Although the film officially hits theaters today, several eager YouTube beauty stars have already volunteered as (makeup) tributes to film tutorials on how to get “the look.” Here are the best ones — we think they’ll help you make an impression.

1. How to get Katniss’s diamond-studded lashes, by NikkieTutorials

“Oh, you should see my desk. [Singsong] It is one big messsssss. Gale came right in and ruined everything for me and Peeta. I’m calling my desk Peeta.”

2. How to get Effie’s butterfly look, by SmashinBeauty

“Now, apply paper eyelashes. When I was watching the video, it actually showed me that one of the paper eyelashes was on the right eye and lower eyelid. I also printed out small little butterflies.”

3. How to get Katniss’s red eye from the presidential party, by xsparkage

“The thing I noticed in the preview is that her eyeshadow, the edges aren’t very blended out. It’s blended out a tiny bit. But for the most part, it’s a pretty harsh line.”

4. How to get District 5’s power look, by kandeejohnson

“We’re going to take Temptress, a lipstick, along the cheekbone. We’re going to put this all along the hairline because it’s just going to be fun. Maybe this will be a trend in the future, who knows.”

5. How to make your eyes Catch Fire, by BeautifulYouTV

“Create a beautiful transition of colors from red to yellow. These colors are associated with fire, so they will complement the look nicely.”

6. How to make your nails Catch Fire, by HannahRoxNails

“I’m going to use the edge of the makeup sponge to sponge on the orange acrylic paint and begin forming the flames.”

7. How to create a mockingjay on fire eye look, by vintageortacky

“The look has a lot of movement and placement meant to tilt the eyes and make them look more, um, sexual … or whatever? I don’t know. This look has it all. A winged eye, rhinestones, false lashes, and glitter. And what else do you really want in life?”

The Best Catching Fire YouTube Makeup Tutorials